The Knick, the series

The Knick, from Knickerbocker Hospital, is a serie which has just began on Cinemax broadcast, and in France, on OCS. It’s a medical one. And an historical, too. It begins in 1900 in N-Y in a medicine lecture hall, plenty of old men with bart and fitted coat. In the middle, a patient which has a problem to deliver. Don’t think to an happy end, the baby and mother die, the blood runs, one of the surgeons kills himself. And the other one ? Even if he uses to put drugs in his veins, he become the new chief of surgery. Gore ? Yes. But not just that.
This serie, directed by Steven Soderbergh himself, tells us the great adventure of medicine and surgery, before the modern anesthesics, before the antibiotiics, before the defibrillators, before the screens, before everything that surgery uses every day.
Probably if this woman or her child has survive, it would be for not a long time, imagine all the germs in this hall, incredible ! But it’s because such surgeons dare, in the beginning of the past century than now every people can protest and file lawsuits when there’s any problem. And it’s, too, the reason why you are born and live, often without significent problem. I agree this serie is gore, but life was gore, too, when it was shorter than now.
So, if you’re a doctor, or a student in medicine, watch for this serie which tells you the story of your science, when it was really not an exact one. And if you’re a former, or future patient of a quarter of surgery, don’t forget these men who allow you to have no fear.The Knick » alt= »the knick » />

Go to your tv !

C'est à vous !

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