Something about germs (a manga)

I just read the first volume of Moyashimon, a manga which story is set in an agronomic university just near Tokyo. Far away from Silver spoon, this story centres on two friends, caming from a far away provinces. One, Key Yuki, is the son of a sake brewer, the other one, Tadyasu Sawaki, is the son of a moyashi maker. And Tadyasu is able to see all  the germs with the naked eyes.

Don’t you think it’s awful ? Specially when your father makes fermented things. Specially when you are in a farm. Specially when other students try to do saké in their flat. Reading this manga, I noticed than germs are everywhere. Specially in japanase cooking where every yeast (yeast are fungus, never forget that if you don’t like fungus, no bread, no cheese, no alcohol) so in japanese cooking where every yeast are replaced with gems, bacteria, and all sorts of unicellular organism, from aspergyllum orizae to escherichia colli.

When youIMG_0003_NEW read this manga, you first want to bring your wipes and bleach, as a student do. But you know it’s not enough efficient. And you have just to wipe. And happily, you don’t see all the germs.

Or to laugh cause Moyashimonis so funny. A teacher, Itsuki, works on the awfulest fementated cooking all aver the world, Of course when he meets Tadyasu, he thinks than his work can go so faster. His project ? Save the humanity after the end of the earth.

Some fantasy, some science fiction, some student life, and many, many germs, introduced as every charachter drawn in the margin, and all of that do an excellent manga in 13 tomes (Japan).

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